Hello Everyone,

Have you heard?  There is an Essential Oils Summit 2 coming up August 22 to 29!  Tens of thousands of people tuned in to this last year, including me, and more than 10,000 have already registered this year.  I tuned in last year, and learned a lot of good stuff about essential oils that have benefitted me and others.

The Essential Oils Summit is a collection of non-branded interviews and presentations about essential oils presentations by experts in aromatherapy and medicine.  I was interviewed for this year's summit "Practical Tips from an Infectious Diseases Physician" on Day 7. Check it out!

Millions are regaining control of their health with essential oils!

People all over the world are scrambling to find the answer to health problems like diabetes, pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, estrogenic cancers and more. Millions are turning to natural solutions and many have experienced great success with essential oils. Learn if oils could be the missing ingredient for you and your family!


More than 165,000 people joined us for the 2015 Essential Oils Revolution. This year, experts in aromatherapy, medicine and research will deliver in-depth discussion, debunk common myths and help you learn about the possibility of regaining your health using essential oils.

Register for FREE now at the following link:


Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:


The Essential Oils Revolution 2 will teach you about:

  • Why essential oils are truly nature’s best medicine
  • How to use essential oils safely and effectively
  • Tips for regaining control of your health
  • Home recipes, guides, safety protocols and best practices
  • And so much more!

The Essential Oils Revolution 2 is online and free from August 22-29, 2016!

I’ll see you at the summit!