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April 26, 2023

Wednesday @ 12:00 PM


Reading & Book Signing:

Public Library – Boerne, TX

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Janey Lee Grace.png

2023 - coming soon!

Podcast Interview:

Interview with Janey Lee Grace

Podcast – coming soon!

Tips, advice and motivation from experts, authors and sober heroes and importantly we want to celebrate self-care in sobriety. We look at the issues around alcohol with no judgement and hope to inspire you to be all that you can be, joyful, healthy happy and brave! 

Janey Lee Grace is a UK based former BBC presenter, author of Happy Healthy Sober - ditch the booze and take control of your life. fave a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks - Who Knew! and founder of

January 29, 2023 

Podcast Interview:

Dr. Dravon James -- Every Day Peace
It Takes More Than Conventional Medicine to Treat Conditions Like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Grief

Dr Dravon James.png


A lifetime of experiences have planted the seeds of greatness within all of us. Everything that we have experienced in our lives has provided an opportunity to gain experience, strength, and wisdom. All of our life experiences (the good, the bad and everything in-between) provides nourishment for future growth. Dr. Dravon James coaches individuals and teams to cultivate greatness from their experiences and achieve the success they deserve. The Every Day Peace podcast brings the guests, topics, insight, and support to help listeners achieve their next level of greatness in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.

Cheryl Benton.jpg

January 25, 2023

Podcast Interview:

Self-Care Strategies for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Grief with Host, Cheryl Benton


Listen here


Cheryl Benton, aka the “head tomato” is founder and publisher of The Three Tomatoes, a digital lifestyle magazine for “women who aren’t kids”. Having lived and worked for many years in New York City, the land of size zero twenty-somethings, she was truly starting to feel like an invisible woman. She created The Three Tomatoes just for the fun of it as the antidote for invisibility and sent it to 60 friends. Today she has thousands of friends and is chief cheerleader for smart, savvy women who want to live their lives fully at every age and every stage. She is the author of a novel, “Can You See Us Now?” and the sequel, “Can You Hear Us Now?” and the co-author of two humorous books of quips,” Martini Wisdom,” and “More Martini Wisdom.”

Radio show microphones

January 18, 2023

Radio Interview:

Community Focus with Matt Nie

Matt Nie Community FocusMatt Nie with Dr. Jan Patterson
00:00 / 20:21

A little about Matt Nie:

Speech and Media Instructor / Radio Host / Leadership Advisor / Documentary Filmmaker / Speech and Media Instructor / Radio Host / Leadership Advisor / Documentary Filmmaker

Matt Nie teaches courses in Speech Communication, English, Radio Broadcasting, and Film Production. He also hosts a weekly radio program, "Community Focus" on 89.1 WBSD Burlington.


"I also proudly serve as head forensics coach, asst. cross country coach, and co-director of the DRIVEN student leadership organization. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to share in the lives of a wide variety of individuals over the airwaves and on film. In addition, I am dedicated to developing and refining the unique voice in my students, whether it be spoken, written, or visual. I also am committed to developing leadership skills in the next generation. Finally, I am the proud father of three committed to leaving this world a little better than the way I found it."

January 19, 2023

Great Love Media

Podcast/Interview: Ep 458

My Wakeup Call with Dr. Mark Goulston

Dr Goulston .png

I’m Dr. Mark Goulston, and this is My Wakeup Call. Everybody has personal wakeup calls, but not everybody wakes up. In this podcast, we speak to people who did. In fact, they not only woke up, but their wakeup calls changed their lives, often helped them discover their purpose and then changed how they would spend the rest of their life. In most cases, the wakeup call was not pleasant, sought-after, and often shook people to the core of their being. But in every case, it made our guests more authentic, better at life, better in life and better human beings. I hope you will listen in and become as inspired as I am from every episode. I also hope it will help you persevere if you are going through a wakeup call and haven’t yet gotten through the pain of it, or landed in your future as the better person you’re meant to be, with the better life that you’re meant to have.


The Twig Book Shop @ The Historic Pearl Brewery

January 18, 2023 from 5:30 pm to 7:00pm

Reading Event:

The Twig Book Shop @ The Historic Pearl Brewery  

306 Pearl Parkway Suite 106

San Antonio, TX 78215

Coming to see us? Check out the parking situation

Thursday January 5, 2023 at 7:30 am ET

Recorded Interview @ (31:39)

LIVE Radio Show: AMFM247
Interview with Dr. Allen Lycka: How to Live a Fantastic Life; and special Guest, Dr. Jan Patterson

Listen to the Broadcast on AMFM247 Broadcasting Network on @TuneIn. #NowPlaying

Dr. Jan's Interview starts 31:39

Dr Allen S Lycka interview 2023-01.png


Tampa Bay Area: 92.1 FM
Las Vegas, NV: 1520 AM / 99.5 FM
Macon, GA: 87.9 FM
Lancaster, PA: AM 1640 / FM 102.1
Boulder, CO: 96.3 FM
Milwaukee, WI: 90.3 FM

Pittsburgh, PA: 94.7 FM
Long Beach, CA: 101.5 FM
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New Port Richey, FL: FM-88.3
Jacksonville, FL: 90.3 FM
Washington D.C: 96.7 FM

Kate Delaney 2.png

Delaney Media Group, America Tonight with Kate Delaney

Dec. 15, 2022

Podcast: Interview with Kate Delaney
America Tonight with Emmy-award-winning host, Kate Delaney  

Podcast: LISTEN  NOW (6:06)

Kate Delaney is an award-winning National broadcast personality who has interviewed over 16,000 including U.S. presidents, top CEOs and Hall of Fame athletes. As a woman hosting a successful, highly rated radio talk show, she became a pioneer in broadcasting. In addition to her popular speaking engagements across the country.


Kate has hosted shows on the NBC Sports Radio Network, WFAN in New York City and KRLD in Dallas, Texas. Currently she hosts the Kate Delaney show that includes Forbes Books Radio a weekly feature showcasing movers and shakers in the business world. It reaches three million people.


She picked up a Television Emmy for her special report on the AIDS epidemic in New Mexico and several Golden Mics for a series on immigration.

Instgram Live 12142022

@longevity_live with Gisele Wertheim Aymes

Instagram LIVE with Dr. Jan
Wed., Dec 14, 2022
10am ET (9am CT)

Instagram Live.png

Watch the Instagram Live video here (previously recorded) — as Giselle Wertheim Aymes interviews Dr. Jan about her new self-care book, Breath for the Soul.

Breath for the Soul Provides an Innovative, Simple Plan for Self-Care. 

Dr. Jan Patterson - Physician, Professor, and Author of Breath for the Soul
Gisèle WERTHEIM AYMéS - Founder World of Longevity. The Art and Science of Staying Young,


Published in Authority Magazine. An Interview with Maria Angelova

Nov 25, 2022

Self-Care & Mental Wellness: Dr. Jan E. Patterson of Integrative Medicine on
The Top Five Selfcare Practices That Improve Mental Wellness

Read or listen to An Interview with Maria Angelova

Mindfulness. This is the practice of being present in the moment. Not ruminating about what happened yesterday or worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Just being present and experiencing what is happening at the moment. Putting down our phone and limiting time on social media to appointed times can help us with this.

Interview/Podcast coming soon

Podcast on Wellness Radio with Dr Jeanette Gallagher

Stay tuned... we'll post the link as soon as it's uploaded.

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