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Breath for the Soul


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Book Covers

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5 steps in each chapter


Self-Care for Stress

  • Let’s Take a Breath

  • Moving Away from Stress 

  • Stress Eating 

  • Spirit Connections 

  • Putting Self-Care Steps to Peace into Practice


Self-Care for Anxiety

  • The Perfect Breath

  • Physical Activity Can Reduce Anxiety

  • Foods to Decrease Anxiety

  • Turning to Spirit

  • Putting Self-Care Steps to Calm into Practice


Self-Care for Depression

  • Depression

  • How Can I Move When I’m Depressed?

  • Are You What You Eat?

  • The Poor in Spirit

  • Putting Self-Care Steps to Hope into Practice


Self-Care for Grief

  • Take Some Deep Breaths

  • Running from Rumination

  • Comfort Food

  • They Are…Wherever We Are

  • Putting Self-Care Steps to Gratitude to Practice


Self-Care Support

  • A Personal Plan for Self-Care

  • Self-Care Resources

  • Acknowledgments

  • Recipes

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